Considerations When Purchasing Water Tank Pumps for Your Farm

Water tank pumps, commonly referred to as pressure pumps, are pertinent if you would like to distribute water easily and conveniently across your farm. The pump works toward pushing out pressurised water thus making the water available at the different tap points located on your land. Before purchasing a pump though, you need to know how best it can meet your needs. Here are some of the considerations when purchasing water tank pumps for your farm.

Consider the pressure of the water tank pump

In general, water pressure is denoted in litres per minute (LPM). If you were using the tank water for chores around the farm such as washing equipment or for cleaning, then a low flow rate would suffice for your needs. Alternatively, if your main purpose for getting a water tank pump is for irrigation and other large-scale uses, then you should consider a pump that provides a high flow rate. Another thing to keep in mind when considering the pressure provided by the water tank pump is the number of taps that will be in use simultaneously. The more taps that will be operating at the same time, the higher the pressure you will require, even if the use is not intensive.

Consider the noise emitted by the water tank pump

The noise levels of a water tank pump will depend on how frequent it is in use. Noise levels would be pertinent to consider especially if you have skittish animals living on the farm or if you are in close proximity to neighbours. To reduce on the noise production of your water tank, you could consider two options. The first would be to purchase a pump cover. These are designed for freestanding pumps and work toward muffling the noises that come from the pump when it is operational. The other benefit of a pump cover is it provides protection for your pump against the elements so you do not have to worry about locating the pump outdoors. It should be noted that when picking a pump cover, do not select a snug fit. Choose one with sufficient airflow so as to prevent your water pump from overheating.

The second option that you can consider is choosing a submersible water tank pump. As the name suggests, these pumps are submerged right into the tank. Not only does this eliminate the need for looking for space to locate your pump, but the water mutes any noises being emitted hence making the tank run inaudibly. 

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